Midsummer Night’s Dream

Four Dora Mavor Moore Award Nominations for Outstanding Costume Design (Brandon Kleiman), Outstanding Lighting Design (Michelle Ramsay), Outstanding Ensemble, Outstanding Production! Congrats to All!!

“A breath-taking, heart-stopping production that realizes the depth, darkness, love, sexuality and joy of the play”, Lynn Slotkin

NNNNN: “Propelled by merciless playfulness, intellectual rigour and a singular kineticism that makes a spastic ballet of wrestling, stumbling, marching, tumbling and sliding into place, Theatre Rusticle’s sprawling rendition of William Shakespeare’s oneiric meditation on the vagaries of love and the earthy magic of theatre-making is horny, heavy and hilarious, irreverent, inquisitive… and exquisite”, Jose Teodoro, NOW Magazine

Sold Out!!!

January 14-26th, 2020 we were on stage at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. Intermission Magazine cited us as a production to look forward to in 2020. Read here. 

We didn’t deconstruct the play. We didn’t monkey with it at all.  We looked at Love. We looked at how we make and practice Theatre. We looked at Dreams and Desire. We looked at a society that aims to control who and how we love. We looked at a place in a forest where Love can be…confusing, wonderful, dark, revelatory, manipulative, glorious and transcendent.

The Midsummer Ensemble

We have to thank the following Dreamers for making this work possible: Helen Donnelly, Melinda Little, Henry Gooderham, Adam Corrigan-Holowitz, Maya Harris, Bobby Prochaska, Wendy White & Robin Fulford, Megan Piercey, Thomas Morgan Jones, Luke Humphrey, Geoff McOuat, Joanna McIntyre, David Latham, Christine Horne, Viv Moore, Sarah Garton Stanley, Barbara Gordon, Duncan Morgan, Sue Murphy, Andrew Arnold, Rob Crew, Iain Moggach, Janet & Roger Beck, Mark Wilson & Diane Pitblado, Mandy Wells, Geoff Whynot, Thrasso Petras, The Jon Kaplan Legacy Fund, David Smukler, Arland O’Hara, Barry Higgins, Edie Shaw, Nancy Copeland, Shelley-Lynne Domingue, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. And all of you who came to the show…

The 2018 workshop supported by Toronto Arts Council and production supported by the Canada Council for the Arts (in the eleventh hour)

Top photo of the company by Jeremy Mimnagh. Costumes by Brandon Kleiman. Lighting by Michelle Ramsay. Stage Management by Sarah O’Brien. Direction by Allyson McMackon.