Our Town by Thornton Wilder

“Our Town is so full of the things that make us human: love, friendship, marriage, respect, grief, regret, compassion, joy and love again. Theatre Rusticle works its typical magic to pare away, simplify and dig deep to realize the complex themes of the work in an absorbing, embracing production.  It’s a wonderful production. See it”. Lynn Slotkin

What Happened?

In March, 2017, we mounted a week-long run of Thornton Wilder’s beautiful play, Our Town at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. Our their presentation at Buddies, over 1000 of you came and saw the days in the lives of Grover’s Corners. We thank all of you.

“That final act, set in the cemetery, is magical, both in terms of what’s discussed and what we watch. The darkness of death and eternity figures into it, as does the starry sky above our planet. It’s an unforgettable ending”. NNNN Jon Kaplan, Now

Featuring: Hume Baugh, Augusto Bitter, Matthew Finlan, Sarah Gale, Jenna-Lee Hyde, Francois Macdonald, Viv Moore, Lucy Rupert, Priscilla Taylor, Geoff Whynot * Stage Management by Sarah O’Brien * Costume Design by Brandon Kleiman * Lighting Design by Michelle Ramsay * Direction by Allyson McMackon

Our Town © 1938, 1957 Wilder Family LLC * Copyright Agent: Alan Brodie Representation Ltd. www.alanbrodie.com

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People we need to profoundly thank for their support as we move to the next leg of the journey: Anonymousses, Roger & Janet Beck, Emilia and Augusto Bitter, Audrey Cheadle, Nancy Copeland, Sylvia Defend, Shelley-Lynne Domingue, Ruth Dyck, Christy Eaglesham, Leslie French, Henry Gooderham, Maya Harris, Helen Hyde, Brad Hyde, Martin Julien, Jon Kaplan, Sallie Lyons, John Paul Macdonald and Linda Boily, Jennifer McMackon, Meagan & Dan Monafu, Duncan Morgan, Arland O’Hara, Laurel Paetz, Joyce Seagram, Laurence Seigel, Edie Shaw, Sarah Garton Stanley, Helen Hyde, Laurel Thomson, Mandy Wells, Leslie Whynot, Elizabeth Whynot, GW, Dave Wilson,