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“Theatre Rusticle’s version was infused with so much energy and brightness. It gave me life, not only that night, but in the time since; I often catch glimmers of the final scene on the edges of my mind, and I feel calm. Months later, as I was thumbing through the drama section in a bookstore, I picked up a copy of the play and read the first page. I was transported back to the Grover’s Corner dreamt up by Allyson McMackon. I sensed the delight the production had instilled in me, and I felt illuminated”,                                          May Antaki/Intermission on Our Town.

“…seldom has there been anything as elegant and imaginative as this movement-based piece from the superb Theatre Rusticle”. NOW Magazine.

Midsummer Night's Dream
Photo of Alexa MacDougall, Matthew Rossoff, Burgandy Code & Amanda Cordner by Jeremy Mimnagh. Costumes by Brandon Kleiman, Lighting by Michelle Ramsay, Stage Management by Sarah O’Brien

What’s Happening?

Well, it’s a big time of transition and uncertainty isn’t it? One thing that is happening is that we want to send everyone our good wishes and hope that you are safe and well and thriving at this strangest of times in our history.

Another thing that is happening is an expression of gratitude and thanks to everyone who came out to see Midsummer Night’s Dream at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre January 14-26th, 2020. That you joined us nearly a year ago on our little lily pad/forest-just-outside-of-Athens means everything to us. That we were able to share the work with you all crammed into Buddies in the dead of winter is not lost on us. Thank you for your belief, your support and for meeting us in the depths of the forest.

Another thing that is happening is that Rusticle Gyms are suspended until further notice. So…when we are on the other side and our arms have been jabbed, we will offer some. Check here and our  Facebook page for info.

Another thing that is happening is musing. Before the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lock-down, it had been decided that Theatre Rusticle would wrap up our 22 year journey and take a good hefty break from making work. The reasons are/were manifold. Challenges in our theatrical ecology existed long before this pandemic and the time for reflection and perhaps even starting from scratch was making itself known to us in a significant way. 

Is Theatre Rusticle dead, or just sleeping, or gathering itself from some necessary ashes? Today, it feels like the latter. We don’t know what that means, but writing is happening on it and the resurgence of the Rusticle Blog will well happen soon. So much talk is happening about theatre at the moment and it is hard to navigate through at the best of times. So, we just sit with the questions: “What are we doing? How does Theatre mean to us?  Are we dead or about to see a little phoenix emerge”? Our Town and A Midsummer Night’s Dream opened up a new direction and a vast road we are interested in going down. It would be wrong to not examine that. So…Musing. TBC

Stay well. Stay Safe. Wonder on Till Truth Make All Things Plain

Happy New Year!!

(More to come…)

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